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Voice Of The People: A Secured Welfare State

We could do so many things to save our environment without costing too much, through such we are also saving money. The accumulation of each efforts being done by an individual can make a huge difference.

As citizens in our respective nations, we always seek the best service from our government by providing us with all the basic needs for a country to be stable. This includes safety and security, jobs, healthy environment, health care services, availability of commodities, transportation system, and development of life. All of these are factors that make a country become a welfare state.

Decreasing crime

We need a safer place to live in, whereas we know that our government can protect us against imminent threats and dangers that may come in the way. Through adequate and efficient police power, and constant surveillance, there will be a lower victoria crime rate. But as citizens, we also have to be vigilant, and secure ourselves and our property against people that may find interest in doing harm against us.

Public service

A public servant should always be able to hear out the voice of the people and makes sure that he or she relays that message to the government. Any problem that arises in a particular area or sector, then there should be redress of grievance that will take action of that problem or issue. Service is to be provided all throughout a public servant’s term with utmost efficiency and reliability to provide the best quality of service from a duly elected official.

Transport system

The increase of population can be a problem in the government on many occasions, a part of which is day to day transportation. They should be able to answer the rising problem of traffic, and the growing amount of cars being used which emits carbon that becomes a factor to the warming of the planet and harming the environment. To solve such problem, effective solutions should be lobbied such as pursuading people to take public transport rather than using their own vehicle as much as they can so that it ables to answer both traffic problem and carbon emssion.

Development of life

We should adhere to people that has a great plan panned out for our future in which they are ableto provide opportunities for us to grow economically and as a person. Through such, it reassures us that as the country develops we develop along with it. The importance of this is unity of all citizens and with the state reap the full benefits of government service has to provide