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BI Tools: When Your Profit Margin Walks In Front Of The Cost Margin

In the current 21st century we are spending our time in, one of the more remarkable aspects that has become something of an integrated practice for our daily life is the use of the internet and technologically driven equipment. We have become so accustomed to using software and hardware for our daily work and pretty much all the actions on a daily basis it is hard to imagine living without it. One of the practices of using these software and hardware is to analyze and run assays on a business and its workings.

One of the easier ways a company can track all of its costs, products and services, transactions and its daily activities is by using business intelligence tools. Abbreviated BI tools most companies use these to trace all its activities and generate analysis according to the data gather which will enable those in charge to make decisions easier to generate more profits and convenience.

● Yellowfin BI

This company’s BI tools are created to be used throughout the whole company and make it universal within it. There are different themes according to the analytics required like dashboards, data discovery methods, mobile platforms, mapping platforms and departmental and collaborative data acquirements. Celcom, Honda, Harley Davidson, Auto I.T. and Jet interactive are some companies who have invested in this software. Some of the features that are advertised are dashboards for any operating system or any connection, insight sharing option which can be uploaded, embedded or sent to the groups and interactive checkboxes and radio buttons to make it easier for you to go through and organize your data. 

● SAP business intelligence.

This software is especially created for companies that require every activity in detail. SAP NetWeaver BI can be used company-wide and can be customized to each department according to its differing characteristics and although it is a single platform it makes it easier for the ones in the top of the hierarchy to manage items easily. Different visualization capacities, collaborative groups and departments options where insights of data and performance can be shared within and the single platform usage which makes it easier to gather a detailed report without much hassle makes this software an easier BI management tool.

● Oracle Hyperion System

Oracle’s newest BI tool, the Hyperion system has different interfaces for mobile and desktop operating systems and MS Office. It enables company-wide budgeting, planning and forecasting by gathering supportive data and this software is known for its financial forecasting and cost-effective enterprise alignments that it develops. This software can also be backed up onto your internal server or on Cloud and the easy management of budgeting by weekly, monthly or daily basis and according to the process makes it a favourite of payroll executives.

Whether you are a CEO or the fresh face of the company, BI tools can be used by anyone and its forecasts and insights implemented to further businesses in terms of productivity and cost cutting.